Monday, March 03, 2014

Once more to the shovel, dear friends, once more

into the cold.  Etc.

As in 7F outside, and if the porch and driveway faced north it'd damn well have to wait for the sun to do something; wind chill is something like -4.  As it is, was able to clear the snow & sleet off the porch, walk and part of the driveway, hoping the mid-20's predicted last night would do much of the rest.

But soft!  What word through the interwebs breaks?  It's the weather weenies having dropped their prediction for today from 24 to 19.  Bastards.  Boy!  Hand me my time-travelling trousers, and pack my fighting trousers; I'm going back about ten years and beat the crap out of Michael Mann with his own hockey stick. 

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