Saturday, March 08, 2014

Prosecutors get pissed when judge says "Obey the law or else";

I have some responses to this crap:
A: Start prosecuting the prosecutors who break the law.
B: Dump their qualified immunity for such; make THEM pay.
C: Fire every one of the bastards who has a problem with obeying the law and ethics rules.
There's a start.  Then get an answer to a question:

Late last year, South Carolina State Supreme Court Justice Donald Beatty joined Kozinski. At a state solicitors’ convention in Myrtle Beach, Beatty cautioned that prosecutors in the state have been “getting away with too much for too long.” He added, “The court will no longer overlook unethical conduct, such as witness tampering, selective and retaliatory prosecutions, perjury and suppression of evidence. You better follow the rules or we are coming after you and will make an example. The pendulum has been swinging in the wrong direction for too long and now it’s going in the other direction. Your bar licenses will be in jeopardy. We will take your license.”
The question being "Judges Beatty and Kozinski, why the HELL were you letting these bastards get away with this before?

Why the HELL were prosecutors allowed to get away with PERJURY?  With WITNESS TAMPERING, and all the rest?  You should've been getting these clowns disbarred and jailed FROM THE BEGINNING; why didn't you?

Yeah, it makes more problems; Obama doesn't care.

And the question now is "How many has the IRS deleted?"

MSNBC run by cretins; anybody surprised?

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