Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The standard leftist method of trying to shut people up:

yell RACISM!!

...the Federal government thinks Sprint overcharged them $21 million when billing for wiretaps
"You overcharged us while we were ordering you to help us violate the Constitution!"

"There is no special Obamacare deal for Congress!" my ass.

I got up this morning to find that the !(#&##! plows- running late last night AFTER the days traffic had beaten most of the snow/sleet down- had produced ragged piles of ice at the end of every driveway...

If you're not from here, you won't know the ongoing warfare on this crap.  For instance, for years OKC advertised that "We mark 'snow routes' on most-used streets, they will be cleared first!"  Then they marked streets ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE as snow routes.  And didn't plow ANY of the damn things until everything was over.  Bleep.

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