Friday, March 07, 2014

So what do you call it when one of the Only Ones trained well enough

kills somebody in error?  After having nearly done the same damn thing before?
The Euharlee, Georgia police officer who shot and killed a teenager because she wrongly thought he was holding a gun had made a similar mistake in the past, and was fired from her previous job as a police officer as part of long history of blunders and poor job performance.
... In 2008, she fired her gun at a suspect who was trying to open his backpack because she thought he was armed. The suspect was not armed, and her partner said there was no reason to think otherwise. An investigation disagreed with the partner and found Gatny innocent.
Because Deity forbid an Only One who nearly kills someone out of panic or incompetence or both be held to account for it, right?"

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Anonymous said...

"kills someone out of panic or incompetence" - you left out another possibility - Malice.

No group is composed exclusively of angels.