Sunday, March 02, 2014

Ah, the respect for other views of the left!

Shapiro’s remarks earned a standing ovation from pro-Israel students and forced the student council leaders to tell anti-Israel protesters to allow dissenters to speak freely. After hours of debate, the student government finally voted on the resolution at 6:30 a.m. By a vote of 7-5, the resolution was rejected. All student government members voted anonymously and told the UCLA Daily Bruin that they did so out of concern for their safety.

Just found this; I might need a few:
You'll notice that Mr. Bane's opinion of CT State Police Spokesman Oberscharführer Paul Vance is about as low as mine is.

Right now it's snowing outside and 13F.  Earlier it was thundering and pouring sleet(new meaning for 'hard rain'), before that it was snowing.  This is the snow that, as of last night, was supposed to end by early afternoon as I recall.

"We can predict the climate in fifty years" my ass.

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