Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Remember those berdan large rifle primers

I found a year or so ago?  Fit perfectly in the 7.5x55 Swiss cases?

Couple of weeks back, when I made it to the outdoor range, took a few minutes to scrounge around for brass I could use, and what to my wandering eyes did appear but some 7.62x39, from the headstamp some of the Yugoslav stuff brought in a few years ago.  Looking at it I realized it looked like a large primer...

Found a dozen, cleaned them up, deprimed and resized, and tried seating one of the Berdan primers; seated with what felt like the 'just right' amount of pressure.  So loaded up ten, five with 25.5  grains of H4198, five with 28.0 of H4895, both sets with 123-grain Prvi softpoints, and this morning fired them. 

Fed, fired and ejected properly, the primers looked just like the factory stuff after firing, and it gave these groups:

Yes, this is from that guys' AR15 in 7.62x39.  Only 30 yards, but considering I was the one shooting that's not bad.

Yes, there's boxer-primed ammo and brass around.  Yes, the added step of depriming Berdan is a pain.  Yes, it's nice knowing that this good-quality brass can be reloaded; any source of useable cases is welcome nowadays.

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