Sunday, March 02, 2014

Well, news from wannabe-Dark & Fascist State of CT

The Dutchman wrote a couple of letters to people in CT: one to the CT state cops(all of them) and one listing the names and home addresses of every legislator who voted for the idiot law in question.  And it seems they kind of threw a really hungry weasel in the henhouse:
Back from dealing with the family situation. In the mean time, as you can read from the links below, all hell has broken loose in CT. I am informed by various sources:
"Don't come to Connecticut anytime soon, there's cops and politicians up here who want you dead."
"The fox in in the henhouse over at the Legislature. There's people who voted for that damn law who want personal protective details NOW. They also want you in jail."
From the CT state police: "Mike, the upper echelons don't know whether to shit or go blind. You really hit them with those last two letters. Much discussion -- some whispering and more than a little shouting. They realize that this is a PR nightmare and they don't know what to do about it. I heard (a supervisor) cussing Malloy and Lawlor and that (graphic expletive deleted) Vance. All of a sudden they're starting to realize that we are on the line to be shot at and not them. . . The higher ups (like Vance) can afford to be in denial. We can't."
Goodness gracious, no good deed goes unpunished. Here I try to help them out and they go and react poorly. I guess it's a good thing CCDL won't invite me to their shindig this year. Too many politicians who are embarrassed to be seen with me on the same stage, is what I hear. If they are all that concerned, why don't they introduce a bill to postpone enforcement until the US Supreme Court has a chance to rule. At the very least, they'll be forcing the tyrants to go on the record one more time. I guess that makes too much sense.

 You know, probably every one of the legislators screaming about this has their address on file already; the neighbors know, etc.  Apparently the act of putting them all in one place, well, that really set them off.

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