Sunday, March 02, 2014

"Um, because in one case there's a death?"

"The gay rights movement has been having some remarkable success lately. Why do abortion rights keep losing ground?" Wonders Gail Collins...
The thing also wanders into the "Should a baker be forced to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage if they find that objectionable?"  It's too nasty outside to go out(I'm a wuss, deal with it) so I'm going to throw in my bit.

Headline hit the big point: Gay rights means things like  "You can have a civil or- if your church doesn't object- religious marriage", whereas abortion rights means "You can flush that baby/fetus/cellular blob if you find it inconvenient."  BIG difference to a lot of people.  Add in some of the other complications:
Wife or girlfriend can decide "I don't want to be pregnant after all" for any reason- including "I'm pissed at you, and this is what I think will really hurt you!"- get an abortion; husband/boyfriend has no say whatever, which is troubling a lot of people.

A disgusting number of people now look on abortion as just one more method of birth control, which is chilling(to me, at least).  Which has also brought us the "It's not really a human until we decide it is, so what's wrong with calling it 'abortion' if you kill that cellular lump that's up to a year old?" shit.  No, I'm not kidding.  If you think getting slapped in the face with that attitude doesn't get somebodys' attention, you're wrong.

Something people like Collins just don't seem to understand: a lot of people wanting restrictions on abortion have an actual moral belief that it is wrong.  And the Collins either cannot or will not understand that; they consider it at best "You're stupid enough to believe that?", at worst "That's just camouflage for your hatred of women/desire to control women!" 
Gosnell really set a lot of people off; this dirtbag went along doing business in filthy conditions, horrible methods, the whole mess for what?  close to twenty YEARS? without ANY of the legally required inspections because 'Abortion!'  Nobody in a position to do anything would, because "I don't want to risk being called anti-woman or something."  So we had that whole first-class horror show come out, which moved a LOT of people to decide to do something.  Problem:
I know some people like the Collins type: ANY objection to abortion at any time- including the one I'll get to next- is MISOGYNY!  Is DESIRE TO DOMINATE!  Which also pisses a lot of people off.  Especially when, as they try to make sure that a Gosnell can't happen where they live, they're called anti-woman, anti- womens health and whatever other insult the clowns can come up with.  Because even a filthy, abusive, horrifying place like Gosnell's clinic must be defended because Women's Rights!  Women's Health!  Abortion Rights!  If they can't defend it, they do everything possible to minimize what came out, or just insult those who say/do anything.  Which also set a lot of people off:
"So you'd rather a filthy bastard like Gosnell perform abortions in unsanitary conditions with untrained personnel, keeping souvenirs in bottles, than make sure real inspections are done?"
"You really hate women, don't you?"  Etc.

And the last: money.  Take someone who has a real moral revulsion at abortion, or simply thinks "You want one?  Go ahead.  Just don't expect me to help you.", and tell them "You HAVE to pay for it!  If you don't want to pay for it it means you don't want women to have health care!", and you get someone whose back goes up and says "Screw you."  Big number of activists really believe that they have a right for the .gov to extort money from other people to pay for their abortion(and birth control); tell them they don't and they freakin' explode in indignation.  Which causes a lot of other people sick of being called names to say- in blunt or polite manner- "Fuck you!  I'm not your boyfriend or family, I'm not responsible for your being knocked-up, stop demanding I pay for your damned abortion."  Which gets them called more names, etc.  I think a bunch more people the last few years have moved into the "You think I'm REQUIRED to buy your pills and condoms?  And pay for your abortion with you don't bother to use them?  Bullshit!" category.

Thus ends that.  On to the other:
"He wouldn't bake our wedding cake because he objects to same-sex marriage!  I want him FORCED to bake it, or go to jail!"
Bullshit.  From a clapped-out bull.  I'm fucking sick to death of people demanding that EVERYONE cater to them, and anyone who doesn't must have the State force them to.  You want to know the way to handle this?
Bakery won't bake your cake.
Find a bakery that will.
Tell your friends "He wouldn't bake our cake, so don't take your business there."
The end.

But that's not good enough, noooo...  Your tender hurt feelings must be assuaged by the guy being FORCED to make your cake.  Because otherwise you'll be all butthurt and sad and that can't be allowed.  Well, fuck you.  Find your ovaries or balls and stop being a whiny bitch. 
You like the idea of a skinhead going into a Jewish bakery and telling them they HAVE to make their 'Happy Birthday Adolf!' cake?
You like the idea of a nazi telling a Jewish or gay-owned deli/restaurant they can't refuse to cater their 'New Fatherland!  Death to the Jews and Homos!' banquet?
You like the idea of a gay-owned bakery being informed that they HAVE to make that 'God hates fags' cake for the Westboro clowns?
I think when those things happen the same idiots demanding "You have to make MY cake!" will shit bricks of outrage, because "That's DIFFERENT from what I want!"  No, it's not, dumbass; your demand is just being used against you.  Deal with it.

One last thing: let's say it's proven that being homosexual is a genetic thing.  And that that marker can be found.  And that it can be removed from a fetus, or the gay-to-be fetus can be aborted.  An awful lot of the 'Abortion no matter what!' people are going to find themselves in a real interesting position, especially when some gay-rights people start wanting laws to prevent those abortions.  Have some popcorn at home for that fight.

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