Saturday, November 17, 2012

Estate tax; this crap is nothing but theft

under color of law.
And every politician who supports it should have their corrupt self removed from that taxpayer-supplied office.

Preferably through a window.

Why yes, this does piss me off.  Year or so back I said the same thing, and someone I used to think a sensible sort sneered "Oh, so some poor little rich kids don't get so much money, and that's bad?"  Which REALLY pissed me off.  I asked
"Does that include kids who've had to sell the family business?  Who've had to sell the farm or ranch to pay this damned extortion?  Are THEY 'poor little rich kids'?"  And then said "Besides which, IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY.  OR yours.  Someone worked for it, earned it, was taxed on it- often multiple times- and now you think it's 'FAIR' to steal a massive chunk of it just because they die?"

I never did get an actual answer to that.

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