Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm partly back to normal hours, enough

to post a couple of things.
While I've been tied up, something that wouldshould have been a major story BEFORE the election unexpectedly! popped up.  To say I was disappointed in Petraeus would be understatement; to say I'm surprised all kinds of crap is popping up AFTER the election would be a lie.
Will anything be done?  Two questions answer that:
Will there be enough noise on the internet and enough actual reporting from a very few actual reporters out there to overcome the desire of most media to bury/hide/excuse it?
Will some Stupid Party members be stubborn enough and have the nerve to tell the Party upperclass to piss off and actually INVESTIGATE it(which includes putting out the reports)?

FEMA has screwed things up bigtime, local government doesn't seem to be doing such a wonderful job, and has anyone heard the major media say ANYTHING about Obama like they said about Bush?
Hell, no.  Obama and Bloomberg are socialists, so they won't.

Please stop reporting racial stuff we don't like.  WE want to report all racial stuff, but only as we choose and can use it.  So knock it off.

One last thing: Hey, of COURSE the .gov wants to take care of its TSA thugs better than they do the military; the TSA will do unethical and disgusting things to people and both enjoy doing it and demand it as necessary; serving military people seem to have more ethics than that.

And I'm not really in the mood for more, even if had time.  It's Veteran's Day.  One place I was at the other day, the management got on the PA system and asked for a moment of silence, and got it.  Son's still in Somewhereinthehell, Afghanistan, probably wondering- among other things- whether they'll get support if the FOB gets hit; after all, it might upset the enemy if they do, and with this administration...

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