Monday, November 12, 2012

Nice socialist hobby: when history isn't what you wanted it to be,

change the history.

And, found I can't remember where, what's going to happen, sooner or later, if you keep shooting dogs.

Things should settle down a bit now.  I did manage to hit the range today, which had a bad side; I got to shoot one of these:
a Chiappa Mini Sharps, in .357 Mag.  Website says just shy of 40" long and 6lbs.  Lovely thing.  Double-set triggers and a basic tang sight(elevation adjustable, no windage. 

And dammit, it was fun to shoot.  Y'know, one of these in .30-30 would make a fine deer rifle.
One more reason I ought to buy a lottery ticket.  Just in case.

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