Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going 'mini-Galt'

Well, in mini-galt you don’t do that.  To avoid the sudden need to pick up something, you cook double for some meals and freeze it, or you learn to love omelets.  (I’m doing both.)  And as for the “big fun” you just don’t do it. In full disclosure, my family is going to have one glorious last fling to celebrate my 50th and younger boy’s 18th – but after that we’re not even driving to Denver unless there’s some reason like meeting a friend.  Gas is expensive. Eating out is expensive. Museums are expensive. We’re sitting tight.
But Sarah, you said, didn’t you say that you needed to budget some fun or life becomes an endless slog?
Well, two things – first yeah, sure, but wait and see, the left will give us enough reason to buy-cott some entertainment.  For instance, they’re frothing at the mouth at Applebys for having said if Obama won it would have to lay off people.   Papa John’s pizza is having a similar problem.
Media and entertainment betrayed the nation big time this election.  What’s more they’ve crawled through the institutions for three generations to do it. Yep, they even turned down better people, because they wanted to promote like thinkers. (No? Then how come it’s wall to wall to the left of Lenin. Yes, I’ve heard the argument that the left are just NATURALLY better artists and more creative. If you believe that, I have some swampland in FL you can have cheap. )
It’s time to take the same tactic to the extent we can.
Very short version: don't buy books or movies from people who are the enemy(unless you buy them used); don't go see their movies in theaters; don't watch their tv shows(or, my addition, raise hell with their sponsors).

I've noticed, the times I've eaten out, that EVERY place is short on staff, has been for some time now.  With Obamacare it'll probably get worse; for that matter, look for more restaurants and other small businesses to close because they can't handle the added costs(and that's before Obama & Co. try shoving Deity-knows-how-much tax increases on everyone.
And if you think they'll only hit 'the rich', you're a fool.


Windy Wilson said...

Yep. My brother and his wife depend on people richer than themselves to buy their services. If they can't afford it, or think they can't because of uncertainty, my brother and SIL will have less work and less income for all the fun expensive things SIL wants to buy. SHE hasn't let uncertainty curtail her spending program (like the see-food diet, except with a credit card). She has the utmost faith that buying with a credit card somehow ensures its repayment, or some such drivel.

Windy Wilson said...

I forgot to add, and they are die-hard leftists, who can't see that where they might not spend because of hardship, it might be the same case with thousands of other people who aren't buying their stuff.
I have a friend who makes hand-crafted clothing, which he sells at craft and fine arts fairs, He admits that no one really needs his product, and has had a hard time these last 6 years or so, but like my brother he and his wife continue to let fantasy and hope override reality and real solutions.

Luton Ian said...

one meme at a time

I don't expect to see freedom in my lifetime, and I'm still (plural) years under 50.

but, some day, governments will be looked upon in the same light as the slave owners and slave catchers of the past.

We'll get there, one meme at a time.

Brian In Florida said...

Where is this Swamp Land located. I am looking for a retreat location. A Hard place to visit as it were.

Sigivald said...

I've noticed the mouth-frothing about business, myself, around Facebookland.

I refrain (for obvious reasons) from asking "what did you expect to happen with increased costs?"

(I swear, it's like they really DO think that a company has "extra money" it can just "spend on benefits" with no side-effects.

After all, it's not like retirement or pension funds are invested in these public companies, such that reducing their profitability might hurt "The People".

Nope. Business is a Magically Separate Entity that one can make exactions from with no effects at all on customers, workers, or investors - and if the business owners dare to mention effects, well, they're plainly just Evil.

Thus, like I said, I don't even bother to correct them on it...)

Firehand said...

I should probably ignore it; sometimes the dumbass is just so blatant it's hard to.

At some point someone is going to whine that they had their hours cut, or got laid off, start blaming the 'greedy owner' or 'corporation' or whatever, and I'm going to answer "This is what you voted for; deal with it."

That'll get interesting.

Gerry N. said...

The guy next door has Obungle stickers on his car and signs in his front window. He just got a layoff notice off from his job managing a supermarket. His last day will be Dec. 31. His wife just had her hours cut to 28 from 30 so her employer can avoid the Obunglecare fees. Other than being an idiot he's a nice guy so I can't even rub his nose in it. They will lose their house in six months unless both of them can find work which isn't looking too likely right now. His daughters 6, and 10 are disappointed they can't keep the ballet and other after school stuff after the end of this quarter. They're also trying to sell his wife's car so they can buy a cheaper one that gets better fuel mileage. I told him that votes have consequences. He didn't want to hear it, it's all Bush's fault. Liberalism is the result of a serious mental defect, I'm convinced of it.

Gerry N.

Phelps said...

Nathan fillion was the last straw for me. I'm pirating everything from now on. If you want socialism, I'll take it -- for YOUR products.