Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Same reason they target any official:

they had reasons to go after Stevens.
Something else for State Department and military people to consider: someone apparently involved in something this big, and the administration would rather sit there and let them die, than do something; what're the chances of them going out on a limb to help anyone else about to die?

Add in this.

So the question isn't just "Why did they hold all this till after the election?", it's also "And just exactly what IS the truth in all this?  Why now, why this way?"  It's like they really want to take Petraeus down in the loudest, nastiest manner possible for some reason.

That opens up all kinds of possibilities, none of them good.

Oh, THAT vote fraud!
And that!

I would ask Mr. Sandbrook, what the hell did you expect?  That in a somewhat soft tyranny like the EU, it wouldn't get around to crap like this?
And in part blame yourself, just like our media can blame itself for the contempt and distrust it's held in: they earned it, and so has a lot of your media.  People learn they've been flatly lied to, fed biased information, and had a lot just left out because it didn't suit the media weenies to report it, they not only stop trusting the media, they wind up thinking "So they're going to regulate you?  Good."  Really it's not, but they wind up thinking it is.

Over where Great Britain used to be.

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