Friday, November 16, 2012

Back when LED lights still sucked,

being dim and blue-tinted, when the kids went to college, I gave each of them a few high-intensity light sticks and a carrier; no batteries to worry about and in an emergency they could be safely used around a gas leak or other flammables, and would supply plenty of light for long enough to get the hell out of the dorm.

Now we have really good LED lights: flashlights and lanterns and weapon lights(I've seen  mount to put one on a bow, even).  I've still got a few of the light sticks around, and a carrier, but as the lights have improved the sticks have become harder to find.  I still like the idea of having a few as a 'just-in-case extra' matter, but if I want more of the high-intensity I'll have to order them.

If the information in this story is true, then I hope he's awarded the legs, tails, balls and ovaries of everyone involved in it.

What?  The TSA nekkid-body scanners may have had tests screwed with?  Who could imagine such a thing...

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