Thursday, November 15, 2012

About what we'd expect from Napolitano & Co.:

A review of press releases issued by the Department of Homeland Security, the latest being filed Sunday and dealing with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s visit to Staten Island for a Hurricane Sandy follow-up, reveals the department is crediting itself with all kinds of activities and accomplishments except for its commitment to produce an Inspector General report on Fast and Furious gunwalking independent of the Department of Justice report released in September. A review of the DHS OIG press releases on its website, with the latest filing also being yesterday, also does not mention such a report.

Sanjay Sangohee has a real problem with us actually believing in the Constitution; my personal suggestion is that if it's so bad here, take the fortune he's made and take his ass back to India.
On Monday, Sanghoee published yet another plea for forcible citizen disarmament:
"Restoring Sanity: A Desperate Need for Ammunition Control." The column itself holds few surprises for those familiar with the zealotry with which he pursues his anti-gun jihad. What is worth looking at is a comment he left, responding to a reader's comment:
People need to get off their literal following of the constitution [sic] for every single thing.
We "need to get off [our] literal following of the Constitution"? We are, in other words, to believe that the supreme law of the land is to be taken figuratively? What point could there be to a Constitution in which every guarantee of the people's rights can be dismissed as not really meaning what it says? What would be to stop the government from claiming, for example, that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech is a figure of, well . . . speech?
 Screw you, Sanghoee; one thing I'm sick to death of is clowns like you coming here, and then wanting to change this country to more like the place you ran away from*.  If our country doesn't meet your standards due to excessive liberty, get the hell out.

*like California/Washington/Oregon assholes moving to Colorado or Montana and trying to change it.

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Windy Wilson said...

"People need to get off their literal following of the constitution [sic] for every single thing."

I guarandamntee that in any of the contracts he entered into with which he amassed his fortune, if someone told him he should accept a contractual construction to his detriment, he would refuse to do that which he now now proposes to millions of people.

If he found his mortgage had been modified to his detriment as casually and without his input as has occurred so many times with the US Constitution, he would join the Tea Party so fast Steve Colbert's jokes about it would be even lamer than they are now.