Friday, May 11, 2012

That didn't take long, did it?

Obama nearly loses to a prison inmate in West Virginia, and suddenly coal appears in his energy wheel.

Some stuff on our military snipers. Including
What are the best programs currently in our military for sniper training?

“There are only a few DOD sniper courses doing it right. The US Army 5 week course is more of a precision marksman school. Army SOTIC, USMC sniper and NSWC sniper produce true snipers that are highly capable where the 5 week Army course is lacking in the fundamentals that make a true sniper. You need two months minimum (the SEAL course is over three months of 7 days a week) to truly train a candidate. The latter courses are some of the top in the world with the SEAL course leading the pack in comprehensive curriculum.”
I imagine that'll annoy the Army a bit.

Well, Deity forbid someone who doesn't agree with you on Darwin be allowed to speak on something else, no matter how qualified he is.

From Sipsey Street, copied for those who can't go there:
CBS announces the news but also claims credit for breaking the original story in a sidebar.
David Codrea is righteously pissed that they did so. (Includes screenshots of emails between CBS, David and myself about how they got the story from us.)
Here is the 64 page draft and summary.
Clinton flack Lanny Davis claims this is a double standard and election year stunt. (Ignoring the fact that if the administration had turned over documents and played straight last year this would be old news already.)
I will look at the report in detail myself tonight and try to give y'all an analysis tomorrow, health permitting. At the moment, I'm working on my own exclusive.
I'll note that Mr. Vanderbeogh has been having some pretty serious health troubles, but there appears to be some light not connected to a train at the end of the tunnel.

Also linked at WoG, Who will save the Jews next time? and this at JPFO on why so many Jewish groups are anti-gun ownership.

I know people who'll basically excuse Democrats all past racist actions; they'll deny that most(all in most areas) Klan members were Dems and so forth. I need to send this to them.

And, from Mr. Huffman, an response to those who make 'gun owner=penis envy' jokes


Sigivald said...

A short-barrel CZ-75 is not a small gun. Plainly he has a middle-length penis.

Now, if you carry a .25...

Keith said...

Many thanks.