Thursday, May 10, 2012

The open carry bill has passed the Senate

and is on its way to the Governor's desk. She's said that she'll sign it.

I should note that we know exactly what some of our elected representatives think of us:
Wilson(Sen. Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah), who served in the Marines during the Vietnam War, said that, "What we are talking about is amateurs carrying weapons." Even those who attend the course are still amateurs, he said.

"We are going to have a bunch of amateurs trying to intimidate people," Wilson said.

Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, said there are too many potential adverse outcomes that could happen as a result of the bill.

"I know boys and toys are a big deal," she said.

She said she is aware Sykes has a strong interest in seeing the measure become law.

"I hope that girl in the Governor's Office if it gets that far will say, 'That is enough, boys,' " Johnson said.
Like that girl in the Governor's Office line? Who's got a bad opinion of women who happen to belong to the wrong party?
Sen. Wilson: screw you. Our rights do not depend on your opinion of 'amateur' or 'professional'. And we really like being accused of idiots who'll wave our sidearms around.

Sen. Johnson; how many times have you made such demeaning comments about other people, other voters? Or do you reserve that for those not doing what you want? Screw you, too.


Gerry Nygaard said...

In my short 67 years on this planet I've learned that people tend to project their behavioral tendencies onto others. That's why folks like you and I have no particular fear of someone wearing a sidearm.
As mature men we wouldn't go around starting gunfights, so we don't expect others to do that either. Progressives on the other hand seem to be so immature that they think that no one is any more a grown up than they are, thus are not to be trusted with any defensive tool more lethal than a Politically Correct epithet. They are also fully capable of prosecuting people for committing crimespeak or crimethink.

skidmark said...

So there's going to be women stampeding and horses fainting over the sight of a handgunon the hip? And the added expense of enlarging all the storm drains to handle the bloodin the streets? Will your life insurance premiums go up due to the increased number of early pay-offs due to being shot over a parking space?

I'm more concerned about the burden on your state mental health system when all the doom-sayers flock to get treated for the depression they will feel when none of those things happen.

stay safe.

Titan Mk6BB said...

I hardly think I am an amateur. I started my firearms training in Boy Scouts under a Marine DI and it continued from there. Certainly there are people that should not be carrying a gun but I would bet that most of them are either law enforcement or DO NOT have a concealed carry license. Besides I don't think I will be openly carrying into Walmart or any other place like that. Although, when I am walking the 400acres south of my house I certainly will.