Monday, May 07, 2012

Well, for a theory that's really far out,

read this. I didn't read all the 'No kids working on the family farm' regulation, so I can't speak to this:
Curiously, the enforcement mechanism for this insane policy would've fallen to Homeland Security and amazingly, to the military. This means that forces of our military would have faced off against American farmers. There can be no doubt that many farmers would have defended to the death their historical right to property and parenting rights. The real reason for the withdrawal of the child farm labor policy has to do with the fact that the US military was not willing to murder American farmers on behalf of the Wall Street bankers and their large agricultural partners. The Obama administration is concealing this serious rift from the American people!
If it did indeed call for DHS and the military to enforce the regulation, then whoever wrote it is either a fool or really WANTED the fight to start. Question I had at the time was "So Mr. Fed calls or sends a message to the county sheriff and says "Farmer John is still letting his son drive a tractor and his daughter drive a combine; you are ordered to arrest him for violation of 'X'." Just how do you think that'll go over with the sheriff?" I can see some big-city political clown who knows nothing about such thinking "Farmer John might know the sheriff and police chief, so they might not want to arrest him... I know, we'll have DHS and the Army do it!" Far-fetched, but considering some of the things done & said over the last few years we know there really are people that stupid involved.


Sigivald said...

I am extremely dubious, if only because he doesn't bother to link to the text.

And that's always a bad sign, I find.

(Looking into it, it was a proposal to remove the "parental exception" in the Fair Labor Standards Act for farms.

The FLSA is enforced by Department of Labor investigators, and I've seen no suggestion anywhere else that DHS or "the military" would magically become involved - though in a general sort of investigation of farm labor you might well have a DHS guy there now that DHS handles immigration issues.)

Looking at the proposed rules - now abandoned - they don't seem to contain any reference to DHS that I can find, let alone the military.

I call shenanigans.

(A quick peek at the source, "NewsWithViews", suggests that it's a rabbit-hole of NWO crazy, unsurprisingly.

And half that writeup is damned lies or deliberate misrepresentation; "corporate farms" were "exempt" from that rule?

Yeah, because they never had the parental exception to child labor laws in the first place!)

Firehand said...

Yeah, it's an odd one. Or "Those trains are for the camps!" nutty.