Monday, June 18, 2012

Over in (formerly Great)Britain,

When the chief starter at the London Olympics agreed to fire his pistol to start the races at a school sports day, parents thought it was a wonderful treat for their children.

But they did not count on the intervention of health and safety officials from their local council, who ruled that the noise from Alan Bell’s starting pistol would be too frightening for the youngsters.

Bizarrely, the local authority instead suggested playing a recording of a starting pistol on an iPod before agreeing to let Mr Bell start the races by sounding a klaxon.

The Palisimians are taking lessons from Al Sharpton and the NBP clowns:
An Israeli tow truck driver shot dead two Palestinians and wounded one Sunday during what police said was an attempted car robbery in the West Bank.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the Palestinian men ambushed the Israeli's vehicle and beat him over the head with chains and bars before the driver opened fire in self-defense. He said the driver is being treated for head wounds at an Israeli hospital, and a police investigation is continuing.
Though the Israeli driver has been identified by police as coming from the south of the country — and not a West Bank settlement — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the shooting was the work of a Jewish settler and implied it was intentional.

"Those (settlers) ... commit their crimes under the protection of the government and Israeli military," Abbas said.

So, for the third time an attack by the wolves in this zoo, this time a fatality; and
“We have to stop interacting so closely with wolves. It is wrong, the risk is too great. We must recognise they are dangerous animals.”
And it only took till now to figure that out.

Yeah, there was a warning about this: using 'public health' as an excuse to attack gun ownership:
While workplace safety ought to be a paramount concern for any employer, and while the list of citations provides a blueprint for corrective actions needed to regain compliance, a review of the detail of some of the cited instances, such as picking up a shell casing without gloves, shows that achieving a clean bill of health free of any subjectively-assessed violation may be impossible, and that such audits could be used to effectively close down gun ranges using fines to make their operations unprofitable.

That, in fact, fulfills a speculation made by Gun Rights Examiner in August, 2009, when this column predicted “OSHA pick Michaels will use 'public health' scheme to 'regulate' guns.” The specific flag raised was that the nominee, David Michaels, would not hesitate to use his position and power to promote a personal anti-gun agenda that includes vocal advocacy for exploiting high-profile incidents of violence involving guns to then push a “public health” rationale for further government controls.

Now, let's take a look at just a few of the stories the "just bloggers" have broken:
-Operation Fast and Furious was first exposed by bloggers Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea
The game has changed. Welcome to the dawn of the age of the Unauthorized Journalist. That’s an as-yet unrecognized, but huge story in all of this, and it scares the hell out of establishment media and the powers that be who rely on them.

This is insufficient. The TSA should not be streamlined. Administrators should not "review screening procedures." Screeners don't need additional training. The TSA doesn't need to be tweaked. It didn't "go too far" in these specific instances. Its very existence goes too far. The TSA never should have been created in the first place, and it should be abolished now. Immediately. Without hesitation.
• "I am not your 'customer.'

• "What you're doing isn't 'service.'

• " 'Subject' is a more appropriate term than 'customer.' I am a "customer" of the airlines I fly. The TSA stands between me and the airline with a credible threat that they will not let us conduct business unless I go through a ludicrous song-and-dance routine that involves partially disrobing and then either being subjected to nude imaging or a full-on groping that involves hand-to-genital contact.

• I can think of a lot of words to describe the whole experience. 'Service' isn't one of them.

You may have noticed that, a few days ago, Obama held a 'I Shall Announce The Future' meetings with the press and a question broke out; he got pissed, and a lot of journalists had cows("How dare he!", etc.; didn't think that way with a 'R' in the Oval Office), and the usual suspects declared racism was behind it. Methinks The Lightworker is really getting tired of being questioned and those icky demands about enforcing the law and such. Wonder how much of the stress is wondering just what Issa has in his hand in Gunwalker?


Tom Stedham said...

You lost me with the "Palisimian" crack... Not all "settlers" are in the West Bank.
And I could easily provide you with dozens of stories of Jews, settler or otherwise, attacking Palestinians. Did you read any of the hundreds of stories of Palestinian olive trees being cut down, their water cisterns being destroyed, etc etc etc>?

Or are ethnic slurs and outrage only directed when an occasional Jew is the victim?

Anonymous said...

"...a question broke out; he got pissed, and a lot of journalists had cows..."

I keep remembering the medias reaction to Bush getting shoes chucked at him.

They're just concerned with affronts to the dignity of the office. Right.

Firehand said...

My, I seem to have touched a nerve.

When a group names soccer fields and streets after people who murder children, openly and repeatedly call for extermination of a people, their 'government' trashes their own people so they have a continuing source of victims to blame on the Jews, deliberately put military equipment next to schools and hospitals so as to have more 'victims of the Jews' and on and on, yeah, I tend to get insulting.

Tom Stedham said...

Hmmm... I guess when I say that if one group (the Jews) hadn't started a brutal war of ethnic cleansing against the other group (the Palestinians) in order to seize the fertile farmlands for their own exclusive use, and drove 750,000 of them (Palestinians) off the land they had been living on for centuries, claiming that land exclusively for them and them only (the Jews) in the name of their god and religion, that perhaps there wouldn't be so much strife in the region today...
Well, I'm guessing that you won't agree with me.

Foreign Jews in Palestine started terrorism against native Palestinian Arabs long before there was an Israel. This is well documented: the first bombs in crowded civilian marketplaces, etc. bombs on train, bombs in police stations, etc.
All well-documented; go to Wikipedia. The original source material is listed.

Yes, some bad stuff happened, but both sides are guilty. The Jews drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians off of land they had been on for centuries. All the bloodshed and terrorism and war comes from this one-sided injustice.

I don't accept that "God" gave a particular piece of real estate for the exclusive possession of the Jews, for all time, and that absolutely no-one else can live there, or own property, or have rights.

Firehand said...

I'm not getting into this argument as you've made it plain the evil Juice is the problem.