Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's left: if someone hasn't made a 'racist' statement,

re-frame things and pretend they did.
You probably remember how a Daily Kos writer responded at NetRoots when Anne asked whether Elizabeth Warren should apologize to Native Americans (jump ahead to 2:25):
Panel member: I don’t speak to media who have backgrounds of having trashed Indians.

Anne: I have never done that.

Panel member: Excuse me I don’t talk to media who have trashed Indians over this issue, which is what’s been going on…. That because of the racism that’s come out over this, I have my own opinions about it and their not anybody else’s business.
Another fine example of 'Screw the truth, you're causing my candidate problems so you're a racist!'

Yes, enviroweenie heads are exploding; a marvelous sight any time of year:
It is very obvious in America that fracking took almost no time to get going. There's only a finite amount of it [in the UK] so before it runs out, we should really be thinking sensibly about what to do next. We rushed into renewable energy without any thought. The schemes are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant. Fracking buys us some time, and we can learn to adapt."

The reaction in Germany to Fukushima – which announced within weeks of the disaster that it was to shut down all its nuclear power plants by 2022 – particularly infuriates Lovelock: "Germany is a great country and has always been a natural leader of Europe, and so many great ideas, music, art, etc, come out of it, but they have this fatal flaw that they always fall for an ideologue, and Europe has suffered intensely from the last two episodes of that. It looks to me as if the green ideas they have picked up now could be just as damaging. They are burning lignite now to try to make up for switching off nuclear. They call themselves green, but to me this is utter madness."

Today, the Obama campaign sent out a missive from the First Lady to the general public. The header: “Will you wish Barack a happy Father’s Day?”

Apparently, it never occurred to the Obama campaign that the president is not our father.
Unless he's the abusive father who broke open your piggy bank and told you you owed it to him, I guess.

Just read about Issa offering to hold off on the contempt vote in exchange for documents; my first inclination is to scream. Right reaction? From Sipsey:
Issa's offer to postpone the contempt vote: sellout or strategem? There's always time to upset the applecart.
The Washington Post has it here -- Issa says he is willing to postpone contempt vote against AG Holder but still has concerns.
Politico has this -- Darrell Issa to Eric Holder: I’ll delay for Fast and Furious documents.
Now, according to some of my sources, this is just Issa being crafty. The idea is that since he already has most of these emails, he's looking for the ones that Holder omits or edits -- an invitation for Holder to put his neck further in the noose.
Others, more skeptical, say that this is a "fold" which signals more weenie behavior on the part of "Old Yellowstain" Boehner.
Who to believe? We'll have to await events. It's still a long way to November so if this is a Romney-inspired sellout, we'll still have plenty of time to upset his applecart.

And from Hanson:
Obama is turning out to be the most subversive chief executive in terms of eroding U.S. law since Richard Nixon.
Give the president credit. He has thrown down the gauntlet and essentially boasted: This is my vision of the way the new America should work — and if you don’t like it, try stopping me in November, if you dare.

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The Media trashed Indians??? Waht about the years and years of Federal Gov. abuse, brioken treaties and the Burau of Indian affairs - and this microcephallic nitwit blames "media trashing indians"??

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