Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Codrea notes that Boehner and Cantor may still be playing

"Let's be nice with the administration" games.
But a report filed earlier today by William La Jeunesse of Fox News hinted at returned wobbliness on the Speaker’s part, saying “Sources close to the investigation told Fox News that both Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor generally are not supportive of the vote against Holder.” [Note: That story has since been replaced on the Fox website, but it has been posted as originally filed on the forum.]

One other point La Jeunesse made that could be the game changer: “One key to Tuesday's outcome may be the National Rifle Association. The NRA would not confirm, but sources say the gun rights organization is pushing hard to allow the contempt vote. The group's involvement increases pressure on Boehner and Democrats up for re-election in swing districts.”

Said it before: if Boehner and Cantor can't get behind this, they should be removed from those leadership posts, no excuses, no passes.

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