Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mark Steyn on Canada showing some care for actual free speech

The House of Commons passed a bill to kill the Section that was used to, among other things, charge Steyn with 'hate crimes' for having had the horrible effrontery to actually quote what an islamist nutcase said.
Fahrenheit 451 draws its name from the temperature at which books burn; Canada’s Fahrenheit 13 is its frosty northern inverse—the temperature at which the state chills freedom of expression. Free speech is the lifeblood of free societies, and, as this magazine has learned over the last half-decade, our decayed Dominion was getting a bad case of hypothermia.
Philosophically, it was a cure worse than the disease: Ian Fine, the senior counsel of the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, declared that his organization was committed to the abolition of hatred—not “hate crimes,” not even “hate speech,” but hate—a human emotion; you know, like the human emotions the control-freak enforcers attempt to abolish in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Stepford Wives. Any society of free peoples will include its share of hate: it could not be human without it. And, as bad as racists and homophobes and Islamophobes and whateverphobes may be, empowering Mr. Fine’s ever more coercive enforcement regime to micro-regulate us into glassy-eyed compliance is a thousand times worse.
The line that sums up my objection to the racket was formulated by the Toronto blogger Kathy Shaidle: “You’re too stupid to tell me what to think.” In recent days, the last lonely defenders of the Canadian thought police have all volunteered to demonstrate Miss Shaidle’s proposition. The Opposition critic for “public safety,” Randall Garrison, bemoaned the demise of the commissars’ “power to educate Canadians.” “We do have a serious problem,” said Garrison. “If you take away the power to take [websites] down, it’s not clear they have any mandate to even talk to people about it and educate them about it.”

Got that? If you can't censor and prosecute people for non-approved speech, you can't even talk to them! Really!

Mr. Garrison, assuming you ever read this, I'm with Steyn: one of the last things needed in this world is PC bigots like you 'educating' people on what they SHOULD think and say. Screw you.

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Grayson said...

"Political Correctness" is just another synonym for Nazism.
During the Second World War, over 6 million Jews, gypsies, and mentally impaired or retarded people (including children and infants) were systematically put to death, by deliberate and calculated plan.

They were murdered under the auspices of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, as defined by The National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Political Correctness is evil. All of it.
Fight it. Every chance you get.
And don't back off for anything or anyone.

Randall Garrison is a disgusting, vile, loathsome punk who wouldn't hesitate for a moment to put on a swastika arm band, if he thought he could gain power by doing so.

It's wonderful to see that in Canada we're finally learning to fight for our rights, instead of just whining on the local radio talk shows, etc.

God Bless, Firehand.
Keep hammering.