Sunday, June 17, 2012

It amounts to 'Let's see who's a pervert!'

from Mr. Swindon:
A question for the men out there: at what moment in your life did you stop finding (And I don’t mean just jailbait. I mean 18-22-year-old — legal — but still looking young and girly.) When did the thought of youthful sex shift from a fantasy to a stomach-churning nightmare? When did the natural thought shift from “mmm… good time” to “I wonder what the daughter I have someday will look like at that age?” When did you stop being attracted to “sexy” girls and only interested in mature women?
My first thought is "Mr. Swindle, you either need to ease off or get some help." "stomach-churning nightmare", for Gods' sake! Be as upset as you wish at that idiot family; I'm not fond of them either. What the bleep does that have to do with seeing a young woman and thinking 'Wow!'? There's a good response noted
When do cute and sexy young girls stop looking cute and sexy? Death. Maybe after, the reports aren’t in.
and if that's not a cue for something like this
or this
or this one
or lastly
Now that I've assured that if Mr. Swindon ever sees this he'll decide I'm an unholy type contributing to the downfall of civilization, I need to go wash the bike.
(Hmmm... vehicle, soapy water... I need an assistant)


Vinnie said...

Yes they look nice but, "don't spoil it by talking" should not be a part of foreplay chat. Eye candy, yes. What hey can do for me however is give me thee Mama's phone number.

Firehand said...

I much prefer women near my age; but the cuties do look nice