Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Even with his fawning press,

[Presdient Obama] will pay a price for this one. He knows this, meaning that the documents now to be withheld must be dynamite. They have to show either that Holder knew what was going on with Fast and Furious and approved it, or that he directly committed perjury in his Congressional testimony, or both. I just can’t see any other explanation for such a risky move.

Wasn’t the Washington Post just covering big time the 40th anniversary of Watergate? I wonder how much coverage this one will get
Oh, they'll 'cover' it; and they'll do so by calling Issa and Grassley and anyone else involved racists and 'power over all else' politicians and anything else they can to slander them and try to protect The Lightworker. And Obama knows it, and is counting on it.Link

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