Monday, June 18, 2012

Some more professional law enforcement agents who can't get to the right address

because they're apparently so effing incompetent they WROTE DOWN THE WRONG TAG NUMBER:
“At the time the warrant was issued, DEA Agents believed that a vehicle belonging to suspected drug trafficker Luis Alvarez was registered at the Avina residence. After executing the search warrant on January 20, 2007, the agents discovered they had inadvertently written down a license number of a vehicle belonging to Thomas Avina instead of a vehicle belonging to Luis Alvarez.”
The link above is to Insty; the Reason post is here for the full flavor of just how these clowns conducted themselves.
Well, let me correct myself: 'clowns' does not in any way do justice to these fucking morons:
The agents entered the 14-year-old girl’s room first, shouting “Get down on the fucking ground.” The girl, who was lying on her bed, rolled onto the floor, where the agents handcuffed her. Next they went to the 11-year-old’s room. The girl was sleeping. Agents woke her up by shouting “Get down on the fucking ground.” The girl’s eyes shot open, but she was, according to her own testimony, “frozen in fear.” So the agents dragged her onto the floor. While one agent handcuffed her, another held a gun to her head.

Moments later the two daughters were carried into the living room and placed next to their parents on the floor while DEA agents ransacked their home. After 30 minutes, the agents removed the children’s handcuffs. After two hours, the agents realized they had the wrong house—the product of a sloppy license plate transcription—and left.
I wonder if they bothered to apologize? Or take care of any of the damage they did to the home?
Yeah, right.

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Windy Wilson said...

Why should they do either? Investigation shows they followed procedures properly. Doors were broken, suspects were handcuffed, and drug dealers were spoken to appropriately. Any drug dealers' dogs would have also been dispatched at the first sign of aggression or fear on the part of the dogs (which pretty much covers the waterfront when it comes to big loud people shouting at dogs in the dogs' territory).