Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Got a friend who drives me nuts, because

when Obama(or some other politician he likes) decides to make the law whatever he wants, whether he has any legitimate power to mess with it or not, he doesn't care about "What will you say when some President you don't like throws some law you do like out the window? You've set the precedent you don't care if you like the action by your politician, so how will you bitch when someone else cheers the action you hate by their politician?" He just declares "I like what he did" and that's it. Pisses me off. So I sent him this:

Probably a waste of time, but I had to


Anonymous said...

They assume everybody does it anyhow. They see honorable behavior as weakness or stupidity. The law is a soap bubble to them. Your reasoning is alien to them. You say "let's agree not to cheat", and they can think of no possible motive in that offer but treachery.

Without honor, law is a joke.

Grayson said...

Your time is not wasted in this regard.
It may be against the law to kick a fool in his teeth - but it is never a bad thing to kick a fool in his conscience.

That is exactly what Thomas Moore did... because it was the right and proper thing to do.

Thank you, Sir.