Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just not feeling the enthusiasm today,

so just pointing to a couple of things:
1. “You don’t burn the Koran, because if you do, Muslims might go on a killing spree.”

2 “You do burn the Bible, because if you don’t, Muslims might go on a killing spree.”
Which reminded me of a comment at Uncle: Of course the World Trade Center is still a hole in the ground. The Moslem world will go on a murderous spree if we deface their monument.

So who IS doing all the threatening of ATF agents? And why?

Also at Sipsey, the kind of crap people who live near the Mexican border are dealing with.

Oh boy, government idiocy at its finest. Not only is the original claim bogus, the attempts to disappear it are hilariously inept. Apparently, they’ve never heard of Google Cache at the UN. Rather than simply saying “we were wrong,” they’ve now brought even more distrust onto the UN.
50 million climate refugees who don't actually exist? Damn, that's a miscount. Or something.

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Marja said...

The Finnish elections are over. Perussuomalaiset (now it seems to be translated as 'True Finns', well, whatever, but it does not have quite the same meaning) rose from a marginal small time party into the third largest, which may be the biggest election victory in this country ever. One thing they are highly critical about is taking immigrants - they want people who come here to work, are well educated and actually needed, and willing to become, well, true Finns if they stay permanently (okay, maybe that translation isn't so bad after all).

Well, now it remains to be seen whether they actually keep, or at least try to keep, any of their election promises.