Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Railguns are getting better and better

A nice, aerodynamic projectile in a sabot, goes through a 1/8" steel plate 100 yards downrange and travels more than four miles further.

Also amazing is the video of the projectile in flight


TJR said...

If there is supposed to be a link to that video, I am not seeing it.

Firehand said...

Should be fixed now.

Dammit, I hate doing that.

Gerry N. said...

The Techie in the video states the velocity is 1600 meters per second. That works out to about 4850 fps. Color me less than impressed considering the amount of man hours, infrastructure and money expended.

Call me when they get that cute lil' rocket ship shaped projectile up to around 9-10,000 MPS.

Firehand said...

Ator just below the muzzle velocity of the M1 Abrams gun, so no big jump there. It doesn't appear to be melting the projectiles or sabot anymore, though, which is a step up