Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IITF Box of Truth velocity readings

Went to the range today and was able to put together the same guns(minus one) and set up the Chrony to get some velocity readings for the ammo I tested last week. Here's the results, standard DISCLAIMER on the load information.

7.62x25 Tokarev 90 grain Hornady XTP hollowpoint, 5.8 grains W231 1300fps

.32acp, 60 grain Gold Dot hp, 2.5grains Bullseye 857fps

.25acp, Gold Dot factory load 900fps

.380acp, 95 grain Montana Gold hp, 3.2 grains W231 820fps

.45apc, X-Treme 200 grain plated hp, 7.0 grains Unique, 850fps

And I had a chance to shoot that Bernardelli Baby again; using CCI .22 Long solids, 750fps

Notes: these are averages depending on how many rounds I had handy to fire, so don't call these Official X-Round Average Velocities.
All fired over the Chrony at ten feet.
The .380 was fired from a Ruger LCP

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