Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember I mentioned the new gas lines on this street?

This morning they started running the new house lines. Instead of trenching and so forth, they dug down to where the old line met the main, shut it off, cut it, and the new line- a yellow poly pipe- came off the roll and was pushed through the old steel line; they only had to dig other holes at corners or if some other circumstance demanded it.

And for most of the digging they had a couple of tracked backhoes that were small enough to drive through a standard gate. And had box blades to speed up the filling-in when they were done.

Because of the way the line was routed my place took longer than the house next door, but it was still one of four or five they got done today. Better living through tech.

And yeah, there've been a few times I could really have used one of those backhoes.

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