Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“There runs a German soldier shrieking like an insane one,

the helmet on his head on fire. Another one shouts madly ‘Juden…Waffen…Juden… Waffen!’” [Jews…weapons!]

From Kopel's article(PDF document here) about the revolt at Sobibor:
In the wild battle that ensued, 600 prisoners tried to flee; about 400 of them escaped the camp boundaries, and about half of them survived the land mine field around the camp. More escapees were caught later, but a band of 60 men and women, led by the Soviet officer Alexander Perchersky, made contact with Soviet partisans.2 Ten SS troops were killed, and one was wounded. Thirty-eight Ukrainian guards were killed or wounded, while forty Ukrainian guards took the opportunity to desert.3

Four days after the revolt, a special German unit obliterated the Sobibor camp, attempting to keep the revolt a secret.4 A death camp which had already murdered six hundred thousand people was put out of operation forever.5
These people should always be remebered, and honored.

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