Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone I know informed me that the upset over the Wonkette

attack on Palin's son is based on "Palin gets her fee-fees hurt and now you want us to talk nice to each other?" This based on all the nastiness and death threats and personal attacks conservativ- oops, I had to inform her that that crap mostly came from her side. And that trying to play the upset on Wonkbitch's attack on a child was 'because Palin's feelings are hurt'. Got news for her: I have no idea what Palin might say about this(know what I would), but I do know that decent people think bullshit like that is inexcusable. These are the people who shit bricks when someone took notice of Al Gore's son getting arrested, or comment on Chelsea Clinton- after she was grown up- working on her mom's campaign, but garbage like this directed at some nasty conservative's kid? Oh, THAT's fine.

Taking their lead from idiot academics like this. Who basically excuse themselves with "You offended me, so I can say anything I like about you." Hey, Prof. Lewin, go fuck yourself; how's that for offensive, you scab on the butt of humanity? Of course, a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies is probably going to be a thin-skinned nasty-tempered bitch, but you'd think would have the brains to not act like a sorostitute who just got her ass fondled by a non-PC male.

Speaking of idiots who want to mind your business, take a look at this:
So now putting alcohol in an alcoholic beverage and making it taste like something other than burnt coffee is an obvious ploy to "entice young people". What do you recommend, Paul? An independent commission of prune-faced busybodies who will sign off on new beverage flavors provided they taste awful enough?
That's probably EXACTLY what they have in mind, headed by the named member of the think tank that promotes justice in the media. Though anyone who is part of a group like that should be permanently locked up on general principles of Stay The Hell Out Of My Life.


Keith said...


Sad News, Phil Luty has died.

Tam said...

"Speaking of idiot females who want to mind your business, take a look at this:"

Uh, 'Paul' is a dude's name, last I checked.

Firehand said...

Aaaargh! I shouldn't blog on not enough sleep with crossed eyes; got two things confused. Corrected.