Saturday, April 23, 2011

I've got one hell of a headache, but being

addictedenthusiastic about this mess, I have to point to four things before my head implodes:
First, actual free speech is messy and often upsets somebody; that doesn't mean you get to silence people on the grounds 'there might be trouble'. I realize the problems involved, but we cannot allow the authorities to shut people up because of the Heckler's Veto. Or in this case the Upset Muslim Veto.

Second, next time some clown starts lecturing on how we should give amnesty(by ANY name, including 'pathway out of the shadows' or other bullshit) to illegal aliens, point them to this.
As a side note, a while back I heard a OKC cop say that if it weren't for illegal aliens we'd have maybe half the gang problems we do.

Third: for some of these goat-humpers video of them cutting a head off isn't good enough, they want video of their mass murder.

Last, this is what all those taxes for education in NYEffin'C are paying for:

'How to teach Marxism to the kids in your class without getting caught'. Or maybe 'in trouble'.

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