Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm curious: with al-Assad's forces actually shooting unarmed protesters

and so forth, has anyone heard the UN declaring the world has a 'duty to protect'? Or Obama stating we have to prevent massacres? Oh, there's stuff like this:
UN chief Ban Ki-moon said Assad's government must "respect international human rights" and called for an independent probe into the killings, as France urged Syria to launch a "political dialogue without delay."

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton called the crackdown "intolerable," and urged Damascus to launch "profound political reforms."
and Obama(for a change) is actually, flatly condemning the killing; but I haven't heard one word of the demanding that we act that got us involved in Libya.


Keith said...


He's British edjumicated (he's got the right connections), and he hasn't had the oil money to have bought anyone likely to want him silenced for good.

we might yet come to thank the big 0, oil appears to be a curse; suddenly a nation thinks it is special, and the government can buy folk off, until it all runs out, then it's back to herding camels, only with 10 times the population, and all with delusions of grandeur.

Jeffersonian said...

...the regime's "outrageous" use of violence must "end now."

The WaPo editorial board says that the president’s inaction on Syria is shameful.

The hippies elected him to stop two wars. He's started a third and is eyeing a fourth. Hope and Change, baby!