Friday, April 22, 2011

Does anyone else get pissed when some talking head

or 'economics expert' plays "How high will the price of gas have to get to affect people?" Do these morons not realize what it's doing now, or are they playing games so as to not whack on Obama & Co. for this?

Insty pointed to this article which takes notice that prices NOW are causing real problems for people. However,
If gas were to go to $5 a gallon and stay there, some analysts believe, it could erase the steady gains the economy is making and tip the nation back into recession because Americans would sharply curtail their spending elsewhere.
is bullshit: the current prices are erasing any 'gains' and people are ALREADY cutting other spending as well as driving less if they can. If it does get to $5 a gallon nationwide we're screwed, and it doesn't matter how much The Lightworker blames speculators and tells people to buy new cars, it won't help. The only thing that really will is permits to explore and drill being approved, and I think he and his minions would rather see the country crash than do that.

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Marja said...

We are currently paying about 1.6 euros per liter. If I didn't botch the math that makes about 8.6 dollars per gallon.

Probably among the reasons why the Green party was one of the big losers in the election here. They have been the most vocal proponents for hiking up the prices for everything to do with road transport. Only this is a sparsely populated country with long distances and public transportation works well only in the bigger towns, people damn well need their cars here. Not everybody can move to Helsinki.

When I'm working I now have to use something like 160 - 200 euros per month for gas (I work nights, and I have to use my car - I do get a piddling tax reduction for that, I think I usually get back about 60 to 70 euros per year). Way too big a chunk of my monthly pay. And a big part of that money is taxes. Now if that was at least used for keeping the roads in a good shape... but when you go off the main ones the roads are in a markedly worse condition than they were a few decades ago, so it seems that money goes for something else.