Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It seems Terry Pratchett is far more than a fine author

ENGLISH fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett says he was so excited after being knighted by the Queen that he decided to make his own sword to equip himself for his new status.

It was not enough, however, simply to find some metal and get a blacksmith to bash it into shape.

Pratchett, believing the sword would not truly be his own unless it was made from metal he had produced, found a field with deposits of iron ore near his home in Wiltshire, west of London.

He gathered the deposits and smelted the iron ore himself.
Yeah. He got ore, got some help and smelted it into iron, refined it, went to a blacksmith for help and forged it into his sword. Freakin' marvelous.

Too bad the article ends on such a sour note:
Pratchett has stored the sword, which he completed last year, in a secret location, apparently concerned about the authorities taking an interest in it.

He said: "It annoys me that knights aren’t allowed to carry their swords. That would be knife crime."
Hell YES they'd 'take an interest'; they don't like commoners, even if they are good subjects, having arms of any kind.

'Knife crime' my ass; the real crime is those idiotic laws.

Mr. Pratchett, I salute you.

And much thanks to you who pointed me to this.

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Anonymous said...

Part of the iron was from a meteorite according to the article I read. Extra points.
Rey B