Sunday, September 19, 2010

Insty pointed to this article in a German paper,

Obama Has Underestimated the Frustration in the Country; overall not bad, but I'm going to argue with some of their conclusions.
The Republicans will now be drawn further and further towards the right, meaning that they will no longer be an option for non-ideological voters who are disillusioned with the Democrats. In this way the Republicans could jeopardize their own future success. The Democrats' best campaigner isn't Obama, but rather the anti-establishment front of its opponent."
First, 'non-ideological' voters have always had to choose which party(candidate) to vote with; what the tea party movement has done is force a lot of Stupid Party politicians and bigshots to start actually ACTING like Republicans are supposed to. Which is what's causing a lot of disillusioned Democrats("What the hell has my party become?") and independants to join into the tea party.
Second, 'the Democrats' best campaigner'? The Evil Party bigshots are practically crapping their pants because the tea party has attracted so many; I think the figure was about half the people at parties are Democrats and independants, which doesn't sound much like Evil Party campaigning.

"...But the Republicans' goal is to regain the majority in both houses of Congress. If they fail to accomplish this double whammy, the Democrats can breathe a sigh of relief."
Sort of; the tea party movement has shaken the hell out of the whole mess, one of those shakes being the blunt statement "If I have a choice between a Democrat and a RINO, I might as well vote for the Democrat; I'm NOT going to vote for a liberal jerk just because he has an 'R' after his name. If we don't take back the House and Senate, we WILL elect a bunch of actual conservative/libertarian people who WON'T play the game as usual." And THAT will put a great big weasel in the henhouse, and don't doubt it; a much more closely-matched Congress with a bunch of actual C/L people influencing things...

Unlike in Germany, in America, which never had a Hitler, being 'right-wing' is not taboo. 'Right-wing' represents Reagan, religion, the free market, individualism, patriotism and small government. In reality, it is an impossible mixture: National pride, God and tradition are conservative 'us' values. The profit motive, competition and a weak state are 'me-first' sentiments ... . But this mixture of conservative values and neoliberalism works well in America, where it transcends social class -- that's the difference to Germany."
Ah, don't you just love it? Once again a formal ignoring of the fact that Hitler was a SOCIALIST, but they do get exactly what 'right-wing' means here, which isn't what a lot of them think. On the other hand, they just don't seem to understand that their idea of 'me-first' values are freedoms; the freedom to try, to work at what you choose, the freedom to succeed, and those are not bad things(whether they want to admit it or not); and we want to keep them. They might want to remember that what they slam as 'me-first' ideas built this country from a little place to a big one. The one that kept the Soviets from marching into western Europe, to note one accomplishment.

And last,
"The new right, though, is on the rise. It sets the agenda. America is facing a shift to the right. The Republicans have already marched in this direction of their own accord, regardless how many Tea Party reactionaries get a seat and a voice in Congress in November.
Well, sort of; the Stupid Party has, at the upper levels, been trying hard to either tame or stop the tea party movement precisely because they're wanting to keep the old 'you scratch my back and I'll go along with you' bullcrap, and the voters are saying "You do, and we'll dump you." Like the idiocy of the NRSC crapping on O'Donnell right after she won, like Rove making those idiot statements right after; by next morning they'd reversed(somewhat in the case of Rove) and they damn sure didn't do it because they wanted to: they got too many phone calls and e-mails saying "You morons, you crap on the people we voted for this way? No money for YOU, then!" And from what I've read & heard, the boobs are resenting the hell out of having to change. The Stupid Party hasn't 'marched of its own accord'; it's being FORCED to stop being Evil Party Lite, and the people who like being EPL are pissed about it. Witness some of the crap that's come out of Michael Steele's mouth, and the "We don't need a lot of people who won't toe the Party line in Congress" crap from one of the appeasers.

Overall a good article, but they did get some things wrong, I think. 'Course, they're looking at it from the viewpoint of a people who're way down the socialist rathole, so what do you expect? And they get one thing right, but I think miss a point: Obama has indeed underestimated the frustration, but I think he also did not count on people actually opposing his agenda strongly; a few people, sure, but the numbers out there saying "Hell NO!"? Don't think he counted on that.

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Keith said...

I just finished reading Milton Meyer's

"They thought they were free: the Germans 1933 to 45"

Maybe a Million fled Germany, maybe 2 million were actively anti Nazi, about 57 Million were happy to stay with an anti communist socialist state, where every "German" was guaranteed a job. Many believed it was the time of their lives!

Hitler took Bismark's "Prussianism" to its next level.

Kaiser Bill's top people put Vladimir Lenin on the Train back to Russia - he did after all preach the word of two German ex-pats: Marx and Engels, who followed on from Hegel...

"Me First"
Ha effing Ha,
If someone can provide the goods and services that individuals CHOOSE on a daily basis to buy, and they make a living, or in a few cases become wealthy as a result of that, is that somehow morally suspect?

Is it somehow better to have a bureaucrat decide what people should have and who should make it and what they should charge, and who should work there, what hours and what pay? 'Cause that's exactly what Hitler did.

FDR and the "progressives" admired Hitler and Benito Mussolini - until they could no longer tolerate the abuses, or the contradictory statements coming from Stalin, who himself entered a pact with the Nation that had set up his own country's revolution...

The Country that's National Anthem states
"Deutchland Uber Alles"

The German Nation ABOVE all of its' States.

Absolute anathema to a constitutionalist American, and the Sovereignty and supremacy of US States is poison to the singers of "Deutchland Uber Alles"

Yep, too far down the rathole for too long. Europe still has to have its' first war of secession.