Thursday, September 23, 2010

When Dad was still a LE officer, it was kids that bothered him most

Kids hurt or killed in accidents mainly(in his line). God knows what having to work something like this would've done to him.
Three-year-old Zakariyah and five-year-old Zuhur were found dead Sunday night inside the family's southwest side apartment at Manchester Village. A distraught relative called 911.

Police say Farah placed her children inside a bedroom closet with two beds propped against the door so they couldn't get out. She then reportedly went to a friend's house and left them locked in the closet for over ten hours.

The closet was two feet wide and six feet long. Zakariyah and Zuhur were trapped in the closet along with three other siblings, ages one through seven.

"There was no physical injuries to the bodies. So they don't know exactly what caused the death but it could appear that it could be a form of suffocation," said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, IMPD
Ah, but we MUST be sensitive, y'know.
"Ebyan Farah will have no public comment in this matter, except to say she is devastated by her children's tragic deaths. She will avail herself of the criminal justice system.

Ebyan Farah hopes the media will be sensitive to the Somali community's sense of privacy and will not intrude in an effort to provide sensationalism in a manner that will ensure Ebyan Farah cannot receive a fair trial, not only in Marion County, but in the state of Indiana."

I can't really think of appropriate words to describe what I'm thinking; I guess it boils down to a line I remember from some comedian: "Some people would just look better dead."
'Community's sense of privacy' my aching pissed-off ass.

Somali community, hmmm, I wonder if she's a member of the Religion of Submission? I just have to wonder.


Mattexian said...

My ex-F-i-L is a police detective, assigned to crimes involving children. He got a baptism of fire to the promotion, when some mental whackjob stuffed a baby into a microwave on an Easter morning several years ago.

Keith said...

I'm trying to Eat!

Ayaan, has some pretty horifying stories of her childhood in the Somali community, and plenty more about the Somalis she has acted as interpreter for.

I wonder if the woman thinks she is somehow going to get a less fair trial for child neglect and killing, than she would under sharia farce and eff ups? or at the hands of her in-laws, if there were any sons among the dead?

Under sharia, I wonder how many dead female children it takes to count as one male?

Keith said...

I wonder hat religion this family were?

Sounds like a polygamous household, and there aren't many Jack Mormons in the UK.

Bob S. said...

Somali community?

Really, I thought it was an Indiana state community she lived in.

Guess some people don't realize they are in America....even if they want all the benefits of being in America.

Firehand said...

Considering past history, she's probably hoping to get LESS of a penalty because of her background.

And yeah, for most people that would be the case, Bob; but from what I've read much of the Somali immigrants consider themselves to be Somalis how happen to be living amongst us nasty Americans. Kind of like the more true believers in the Religion of Submission, which I have to wonder if figures into this as well. Could be wrong, but wasn't it Somali cab drivers up north who were refusing to carry service dogs and 'improperly dressed' women and such?

Anonymous said...

It's just another cultural thing that we racists don't understand.