Monday, September 20, 2010

"It's not YOUR money, it's ours;

so we get our cut first."

Bunch of bureaucrats and politicians who need to be shown out of their offices.

By way of the windows.


Alan J. said...

My first reaction is to agree with you - that this type of problem should be solved with a rope rather than a ballot box. And then on the other hand, can you imagine how easy it would be to bring down the government by just hacking in to this system and giving everyone in the country a full refund, while covering your tracks with other false entries? Talk about the potential for creating chaos - I don't think that even the Brits could be stupid enough to implement this system. But then again, to repeat a famous quote, "Never bet against the power of human stupidity."

Keith said...

They've just had one almighty eff-up over tax codes, and now they want even more draconian powers handed to them.

They already have an assumption of your guilt until you can prove you didn't earn what they accuse you of (and often people have to pay them to go away). They're on bonus too!

I can name several businesses that were wound up due to unfounded harassment by those clowns.