Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saw a bumper sticker earlier that just did not make sense

Wording was, as I recall, "Honk if I'm paying the bills for your whining teabagging ass"


Considering the people this asshole calls 'teabaggers' are generally the ones working and being taxed to death... maybe some federal government drone pissed at people not wanting to pay more taxes so he can keep getting a golden retirement package?


Mattexian said...

If ya find this jerkoff again, perhaps you can acquaint him with how loose tea leaves tend to stick and stain when applied wet to a car's paint job!

Keith said...

Thanks for the Breakfast time laugh.

On long, salty winter journeys, I've been known to use a warm freshly squeezed tea bag to clean the door mirrors. Well, shame to waste it.

It really is two countries on the same land.

Anonymous said...

That bumpersticker will score an asswhuppin around here.

Dick @ BDP

Windy Wilson said...

Wouldn't it be delicious if that bumpersticker surreptitiously became, "Honk if your whining Tebagging ass is paying for my 80% retirement pension."?
It could be weeks before he notices.

Firehand said...

Windy, considered that. Or a nice 'Hopeless' sticker next to it.