Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first thought on reading this was

"They were actually that freaking stupid?"

Sent the link to Dad, who replied "Sounds like a bunch of yankees."


martywd said...

I'd never seen an opossum up close until I moved out to Texas from Eastern LI.
Here in TX as I was sitting at my computer one morning, a big opossum walked by the back window.   I went out back to check it out.   By then it had climbed up on and sat crouched on the corner of a 6' tall fence where the fence met up with my next door neighbor's house.   The opossum was close enough to the border of the two houses so I was able to get a good look.   Man that is/was one nasty looking animal!   At the time I probably should have call city Animal Control, but heah, by the time they probably would have taken to get there, the opossum would have been gone anyway.
When I saw the recent story that New Yorker's ('West Enders') had gotten the bright idea to IMPORT opossum for ANY reason.   Yup.   As we East Ender's used to say before the West Enders took over the East End, 'typical New York mentality', i.e., idiotic!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy 'possums. I have an old US Krag NRA Carbine in pretty good condition that I shoot 'possums off my back deck with. I have several cases with drilled out flash holes and lightly belled mouths that I load with magnum primers and a .22 short case of bullseye powder under a .310 roundball. All loading is done with a Lyman 310 tool. Out to about 20 yards one good hit will do in Bre'r 'Possum with less fuss than a BB gun. I nail most of 'em in Spring and early Summer, fewer in the colder months. I double bag the carcasses in kitchen garbage bags and dump 'em in the trash.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I completely forgot about what I was gonna say. Again.

It ain't so much Yankees being dumbasses. It's more city folks. You see they don't get much exposure to the workings of nature and figure that since they're from the BIG CITY, they're just natcherly smarter than everyone else, especially a buncha hicks. I've met a slew of Noo Yawkahs and to a man they didn't show the sense of a hemlock stump. There might actually be some with good sense but I've never seen or heard of one that was verified.

Gerry N.

Sigivald said...

... who the hell thinks opossums eat rats?

I mean, sure, if there's nothing easier to get at, I suppose.

But in any urban environment there's always easier things for an opportunistic omnivore to eat than an angry rat.

Firehand said...

Usually when dad says that, it means something along the lines of 'dumbass city boys'. And yeah, who the HELL thought they'd do that?

Dumbass city boys, that's who.