Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you live in Cleveland, and you're stupid enough

to actually do this, you deserve what'll happen to you in the long run.
Beginning Monday (Sept. 20), Cleveland residents who want to register their handguns can do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residents can go to any one of the five police districts or make an appointment at the Downtown Services Unit at 2001 Payne Avenue.
Applicants will need to bring photo identification, specifically a government issued drivers license, passport, Ohio identification card, or military identification.

All applicants should bring all handguns unloaded and securely wrapped to the police district of their choice.
(first thought: "Where you may or may not get to take them home")
And, since there has to be money involved,
When the detailed check is complete, the handgun registration office will let the applicant know to make an appointment to pay the fee and have their picture taken and to receive their registration card.
Yeah. It's voluntary, and they'd NEVER(oh no!) use the information against you, now would they?

Pointed to by Rodger


Anonymous said...

Gunowners there should all take a picture of their (least)firearm and send it (anonymously of course) to the nearest po-po office with the words "NO THANKS!!" on the back

Luton Ian said...

Some highly irresponsible stuff found in here:

"Here's an example, taken from the Internet, of how one might go about gumming up a government database. This one has to do with Canadian gun registration, but the principles can be )lied to many other things.
CILA / ICAL "Defending Canada's Heritage"
December 4th, 1998 It appears some bright sparks have taken to writing "NEVER" across the firearms registration forms and sending them to (a politician). They didn't even need a stamp! (The politician) has them in a great big box in the middle of his office and is going to give them to Justice Minister (named) as a Christmas gift.
Ho Ho Ho. Another practical joke being played by these very humorous folks is to take a whole stack of registration forms and register guns to their neighbors and other folks picked randomly out of a phone book. Sometimes these silly people even forget to include the money. They think it's really funny to have allthose people at the CFC phoning fictitious gun owners up to collect ten dollars on a gun that doesn't exist. They think it's really funny to have the costs of C-68 escalate through the roof!
Sometimes they even send the money. One of these jesters (I think his name was Simon) told me that he registered ten individual guns to ten non gun owners. AND HE INCLUDED THE MONEY. This zany guy said half the people that received registration cards would complain to the RCMP and they would spend A LOT OF MONEY trying to remove them from their great big "BRAINIAC" computer. But the really funny part was that half the people would simply throw the registration away like junk mail (since they didn't own a gun) and leave half the guns (and owners) in the system.
The knee slapper here is that these people and guns don't even exist. Now don't misunderstand. CILA would NEVER recommend these delinquents do such a thing. These baaad Canadians are trying to damage the Canadian Government's registration system. Even though measures like these will GRIND THE SYSTEM TO ITS KNEES in short order CILA thinks you should go "baa, baa" and blindly obey the rules.
Even though the Government of Canada has declared war on you, you should still obey.
Almost any data base of a tyrannical government is worth gumming up. Entering false data, entering data for nonexistent people or organizations, and submitting incomplete data, are all good tactics for rendering the data base less useful for its intended purposes."

This is of cause, highly irresponsible and not at all amusing. Something that could not EVER be condoned. Registration schemes are for your OWN protection.