Friday, July 09, 2010

A sheriff in a 'may issue' state gets his pee-pee whacked

for his actions in denying a permit.
Paul [Dorr] was denied a permit precisely because Sheriff Weber believed that his free speech rights offended the majority of voters in Osceola County....
And this is truly priceless:
[Footnote:] Following trial, the court alerted the parties to the possibility that it might order Sheriff Weber to take a class to educate him on the First Amendment. It provided the parties with 10 days to file briefs relating to the court’s authority to order such remedial relief. Sheriff Weber did not file a brief.
This has always been the problem with 'may issue'; the sheriff or whoever may NOT issue for any kind of bullshit, just dress it up in the right words and "Permit denied."

On the subject of self-defense, just found this at Volokh:
From Leonard Baker, Brandeis and Frankfurter: A Dual Biography (1984), p. 341. On June 18, 1930, Justice Brandeis (who was the best-known Zionist in the United States) met with the U.K.‘s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Lindsay:

Brandeis told Sir Ronald “that it was wholly contrary to any conception of civil rights with which I was familiar, through study of the Anglo-Saxon institutions and the American experience, that when a government found itself unble to afford protection, citizens should not be permitted to protect themselves.” The English did not protect the Jews, nor allow the Jews to arm themselves against the Arab threat.

Or as Brandeis also said, “We shall have lost something vital and beyond price on the day when the state denies us the right to resort to force...” Alfred Lief, The Brandeis Guide to the Modern World (1941), p. 212.
Words to remember.

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