Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Before getting off my lazy ass

and finishing the glass work, and then edging and mowing(amazingly, I think the grass is dry enough), I want to point to a couple of things. Like what unions and Democrats are supporting in immigration protests:
We can NEVER allow people to forget the President of Mexico standing up in front of Congress and blaming the US for their problems, and Democrats giving him a standing ovation. Or forget- actually, find out about, since the major media won't show this- what actually happens at these protests.

Speaking of corruption and Democrats, don't let people miss this, either:
Loretta King had the honor of introducing Attorney General Holder. She would subsequently participate in the dismissal of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. And she said something astonishing in her introduction of the attorney general.

She exclaimed to the crowd:

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to go to work every day, and look up at the photos, and see that we now have two black men running the country.
I stated on Fox News that it was clear to me that no cases against national racial minorities would issue from the Voting Section during this administration. Let’s hope they change their mind. I testified under oath today, because I had no choice, that those instructions were given by Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) Julie Fernandes.

My understanding of her instructions were that no cases would be brought against national racial minorities by the Voting Section, and if a U.S. Attorney wanted to bring one, it was up to them to do so. Of course, no U.S. attorney will wade into that sort of mess without the help of the experts in the Voting Section, and DAAG Fernandes would know that.

If the Department denies this occurred, then the public and the now-very-interested media should demand that the senior management of the Voting Section in 2009 be made to testify under oath to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Of course this will never happen, because they know by now what the testimony would be

And now, just to take the bad taste out of your mouth,
'Dog," sayeth that worthy, "I just received a grievance from TDC."

I blink at him, muzzily.

"Seems like one of our prison-bound inmates has complained that the deputy who transported him to durance vile provided him with an actual child's Happy Meal from McDonalds for lunch on said trip."

I can smell coffee. It's here. Somewhere.

"According to the inmate, when he protested, this deputy confiscated the toy from said Happy Meal, hooked it into the partition between the seats, and ... I am quoting here ... 'Made it talk smack', unquote, to the inmate for the rest of the trip."

Coffee. Coffeecoffeecoffee.

"In a high, squeaky voice."

Where are you, little caffeine jolt of life?

"The worst of it all-

Go read the whole thing. It's good for what ails you.


Mattexian said...

"White Racists Go Back to Europe" HA! Maybe if they did, this would take care of the Muslim problem that's growing there, let them fight it out. I realize that most of the gubmints over there are coming down hard on any neo-nazi-wannabes, but it might be amusing to sit back and watch, if they'd let them go at each other.

Firehand said...

One of the things I find myself wondering is how many of these bastards are going to evict themselves to Europe due to their Spanish background. Or if they consider being mixed-blood to somehow cleanse themselves of the Euro-taint.

Ever seen any of the Mexican soap operas? Most of their stars are as white or whiter than my Scot-Irish-English-Cherokee ass, and there's a long history of serious racism in Mexico of pale-skin 'purebloods' against those nasty mixed-blood types. But that all gets overlooked, too.

Problem with the EUnuchs is they tend to call anyone who has a problem with out-of-control immigration or violent muslims 'neo-nazi' or something similarly dirtbaggy; seems an awful lot of the time they wouldn't know what to do with a real live nazi. Except cower.