Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Socialists and Enviroweenies and backstabbers,

oh my!
Acting under federal court order, the Obama administration proposed new air-quality rules on Tuesday for coal-burning power plants that officials said would bring major reductions in soot and smog from Texas to the Eastern Seaboard.
The cost of compliance to utilities and other operators of smog-belching power plants would be $2.8 billion a year, according to E.P.A. estimates.

“This is attempting to give people cleaner air to breathe,” Ms. McCarthy said.

Of course, that $2.8 billion will be passed on to the American consumer each year. As Obama said in 2008, these new policies will necessarily cause electricity costs to skyrocket.And just think…

It seems like it was just yesterday when Barack Obama was praising the coal industry at a West Virginia coal miner memorial knowing that these policies were on the table.
I wonder if Sheets Byrd knew this was coming, or if Obama waited for him to die before officially unveiling this?

And on the socialist backstabber side,
...Too few people, the political and economic elite, are realizing the vast majority of benefits from economic activity. It’s true in my own country where, unfortunately, economic inequality is increasing. And it’s true in Ukraine. It’s true in Europe and Asia and Africa and South America. So part of the challenge of economic growth and prosperity is to make sure it gets down and equally spread among people.

One of the wondering points: will these clowns be surprised if people snap and start acting, or are they counting on it so they can yell 'Terrorist!' or something?

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Mattexian said...

Certainly it looks like this administration has sped things up, to the point that they're trying to trigger their own "Ft Sumter" from the American people saying No F**king More!