Thursday, July 08, 2010

A fine demonstration of what a crap pile the NAACP has become

Gladney didn't get support because, well,
Here is the unbelievable video of the racist NAACP event. The two men accused of attacking Gladney go on trial this month. Elston McCowan, the man standing next to the speaker, can be seen laughing when the speaker says Gladney is not a brother.
Back in the day, we used to call someone like that, and I want to remind you, uh, when this incident occurred, I was really struck by a front page picture of this guy, which we called, a Negro, i mean that we call him a Negro in the fact that he works for not for our people but against our people. In the old days, we call him an Uncle Tom. I just gotta say that. Here it is, the day after a young brother, a young man, I didn’t mean to call him a brother, but on the front page of the Post Dispatch, ironically, he’s sitting in a wheelchair, being kissed on the forehead, by a European. Now just imagine that as a poster child picture, not working for our people.
You don't follow the party line, they'll call you Uncle Tom, a house nigger. Wonderful people, aren't they? Them and their SEIU friends.

Oh, and if anybody wants to bitch about me using that phrase, I suggest you screw yourself until you give at least equal bitching to the people who called Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice and other blacks of conservative bent exactly that. And a whole lot more.

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