Friday, July 09, 2010

Remember "You can't miss with a shotgun!" ?

One round, homebrew 12-gauge low-recoil double-ought buck at about twenty feetThe big hole is from the shot cup.

That's nine pellets in a group 3.25" across at across-a-good-size-room distance from an 18.5" barrel. I don't know about you, but that doesn't look like a "It'll spread out five feet wide!"-type pattern to me.


Anonymous said...

Should someone have to use that load, it's gonna leave a mark.

Gerry N.

Keith said...

and it's probably still good out to about 75 yards.

I think the big plus with a shotgun is it's made for fast handling and you're used to handling it fast too.

Now, where did that link to piano wired bola rounds?

Update on the bouncer. Seems he shot himself in the early hours.

He'd broken into a house yesterday, in a village hosting about 10% or more of Britain's armed cops, while the lady was getting the kids from school.

she'd returned, found her kitchen turned upside down and called the cops.

FIFTEEN minutes later, two UNARMED cops arrived. refused to enter, called for armed officers and went away.

The bouncer then came back and took some clean clothes from the house and left again in the FIFTEEN minutes more that it took for armed cops to get there.

This is going to take some whitewashing over.

When your life depends on split seconds - the cops are just....