Thursday, July 08, 2010

I've got two big compost heaps

and they're both damn near full. The grass got barely dry enough- more like just damp enough- that I could finish mowing the back.

The front, and the part of the back I got the other day, almost look like they weren't cut; not promising.

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Keith said...


Update on the steroid filled bouncer who's hunting cops.

Just spoken to a pal who lives about 40 miles north of where the action is. He's not particularly keen on the net but had heard plenty of local speculation.

Cops are saying that the guy has threatened the general public and have agreed to post armed guards at schools (spreading themselves thinner).

Mate says the guys he knows are calling BS on the threat to the public claim, apparently there are posts supporting him on the net (mate couldn't name where) and the gossip is that the cops are realizing (far too late) that they need ordinary folks more than ordinary folks need them on this one.

2 guys were charged today with helping the bouncer and another 2 arrested on suspicion of helping him.

Local gossip is that the guy is "leading cops a merry dance" leaving notes for them, and has about 10% of Britain's armed cops tied up and the cops have called the army in to help (no Posse Comitatus act in blighty).

I'm out of touch with Northumbria Police. When I was doing far more shooting, there was a period when folks in Northumbria's area got real shit from the cops, it was even more of a police state than usual for over there. Other friends who've had brushes with traffic cops there said the cops went out of their way to be c#nts.

Perhaps, when this is over, they'll re visit Sir Robert's principles? or perhaps hell will freeze over first.

Went to cut my grass last night and the pull start came off the mower. Tecumseh engine, it had four holes for screws to hold the starter on, only two had ever had screws in them. Could only get metric screws (not unified) and I'm going to have to shorten them tomorrow. It's been raining since 3 this afternoon.