Saturday, July 10, 2010

Due to the divorce, I never was able to spend as much time

with the kids as I should have/wanted to; it's just about impossible to. And one of the things you worry like hell about over the years is "Did I teach them the right things? To do AND not to do?", things like that.

And then I read something like this and decide that warts and all I and the ex managed to do a better job than that.

I remember the first time I took the kids hunting and both were carrying, daughter a shotgun and son a .22 rifle. Just before we started out from the truck I said "Just remember: if either of you gets careless and shoots me, you're gonna have a hard time carrying me back to the truck." They both grinned, daughter said "Poppa...!" in that girl way, and a good afternoon & evening was had by all.

AND I've got a memory(among others) that'd make the Brady weenies wet their pants and scream "Child Abuse!" or something if they ever heard it.

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Last Chance Safari Company said...

made my laugh, when I was too young to carry, my younger brother and I would tag along- back when pheasants were plentiful in New York- with my dad, a vocational teacher and hunter safety instructor for 35 years- on one fine afternoon, we hopped out of the car and while dad was filling the tubes of his Ithaca side-by-side my brother and I scurried ahead to grab a handful of grapes- as always, we had been reminded to "stay behind the muzzle" but those words faded, we had heard them numerous times and we were comfortable that he would look out for us and the dog- when he snaooe shut the action on that old double both barrels went off at once- in a heartbeat we were where we weresupposed to be... behind the muzzle... what a wonderful lesson- lint in the lock caused the unintentional discharge- but at the time we were pretty sure he was trying to drive home a point. He was a great teacher!