Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Michael Bellesiles committed a massive fraud once before,

and he may be doing it again.
...And it’s a curious thing. Central Connecticut State does offer military history courses, but the course catalogue at the college’s website doesn’t seem to list one corresponding to Mr. Bellesiles’ description of his. He is not listed among the history faculty there, not even in the “Adjunct and Affiliated” category, nor in the faculties of several other departments which might possibly offer a military history course. Search for “Bellesiles” at the website’s search engine, and you get zero results. Websites aren’t always absolutely up to date, but Mr. Bellesiles has taught there at least a semester, according to his article, and it sounds like longer. You’d almost think the school wasn’t proud of him.

A friend who used to be in the Army is also a mite suspicious about Javier’s service. He had “recently enlisted” when the spring semester began, January 25th, but two weeks later he was in Iraq. Now, basic training is nine weeks; add infantry advanced individual training, and you’re talking about fourteen or more
Go read for the whole story. And 'story' may be the most correct word for this.

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